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Who we are

About us

USIS is one of the leading security service providers in Bulgaria. Established in 1994, the company offers services country wide, holding all the required national licenses. 

Our many years of experience indisputably shows that complex solutions which achieve long-term results are those that carry the most extensive benefits to you, our customers. We take care not only for the protection of people, facilities and reputations, but we also reduce costs and provide better service, by contributing to a stable and reliable environment for your business.

Throughout all regional cities, as well as, in another 100 settlements in the country, we secure our clients with manned guarding, GPRS Alarm Response Patrols, we safely transport money and valuables, design and maintain security systems and take care of the sites  in case of accidents and incidents. 

USIS has specially designed 24-hour MONITORING CENTER. Together with our alarm response patrols, cash-in-transit teams and engineers we are ready to meet your needs at any time.

In 1997 we successfully launched a new range of services in the field of Facility Management. The combination of professional cleaning, property management and security services proved to be extremely effective, including raising the level of security for our customers.

The Facility Management System, designed by USIS, provides reliable  access control over casual visitors and main suppliers' employees and saves resources by minimizing administrative engagements and communicating with one service provider.

Our staff is our biggest treasure. The majority of our employed security guards have spent more than the last 5 years within the company. Their professional skills  are evaluated, further developed and  efficiently used in a way to ensure we offer you quality without compromise and expertise you can trust. 

The high-quality of services we provide and the constant control are guaranteed by the certified Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001:2000.