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Technology to support security.

банково инкасо

Manned guarding

We offer manned guarding in all district cities and in 100 more settlements in the country.
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Охрана на мероприятия

Event security

Privacy and security. USIS takes care so that your event goes smoothly.
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Convoy security

Your special, dangerous or valuable cargo will be secured by USIS escort service.
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Лична охрана

Close protection

Close protection that ensures smooth work, travel and entertainment of the clients.
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All company employees have qualifications and training to adequately respond to different situations. They are equipped with the necessary means of communication, panic buttons, auxiliary equipment (flashlights, batons, handcuffs and other allowed by the Law for Private Security Companies) and weapons if the secured site requires it.

Whatever the customer's requirements for security staff are, our professionally trained employees integrate and adapt, or are trained, if necessary, so as to ensure safe and favorable work environment.