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Buildings and malls

Safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for the employees in office buildings, hotels and shopping malls, as well as for their customers.

In our global society, the risks are not only increasing, but are becoming more diverse and creating and maintaining an optimal environment appears to be a challenge with many faces.

To cover and minimize these risks USIS offers integrated solutions for office buildings, hotels and shopping malls. Our experts offer professional investigation and assessment of the safety of the sites and provide recommendations and options for security services.

Remote video surveillance, alarm response, manned guarding, event security, fire detection and suppression, access control are only a part of the security services we offer. In order to increase the level of security and to optimize clients resources, USIS offers a range of facility services:  building and building installations maintenance, damage control and damage repair, cleaning - regular and/or ad hock, rent-an- expert.

For each client, we strive to offer a combination of security and facility solutions that best meet their needs at the moment.


Alarm response patrols

Design, construction and installation of various types of security and observation systems.
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Property management

Maintenance of buildings, building installations and systems.
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