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Technical Security

Alarm systems

Installation and maintenance of:
  • Security Systems
    Protection for your property against theft, burglary, unauthorized entries. Systems can be configured for different levels of security. They are easy to service and are connected with USIS 24 hour monitoring center.
  • CCTV
    Provide perimeter security, verification of received alarms from security systems and monitoring and management of manned guarding. USIS Monitoring Center is able to monitor an unlimited number of remote sites throughout the country.
  • Fire alarm systems
    Detect and indicate the location of of fire in the initial stage of its development, trigger evacuation alarms at the site and extinguish fires, if any.
  •  Access Control Systems
    Identification, control and restriction of access to certain areas within defined time intervals, administrative control of working time, delays the attendance of employees, integration with the CCTV system.
  • FOG systems
    FOG security system obscures everything in seconds. This forces the thief to leave the building, they have burgled.

Other services

Bank cash-in-transit

Secure care for the transportation of your money, valuables and goods.
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Property management

Maintenance of buildings, building installations and systems.
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