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Technical Security

24/7 Monitoring Center

Your sites are under surveillance 24/7

The monitoring center has been specifically designed and developed for USIS. Monitoring is carried out by fully controllable GPRS channel for communication with the protected sites.

Thanks to USIS monitoring center, our clients throughout the country are able to remotely monitor signals from each of their sites - fixed or mobile. If an additional response time control device is installed, they have the possibility to monitor real-time any inspection of the patrols.

Video surveillance

Monitor your site whenever you want.
Highly effective form of protection of retail outlets. The best protection for high risk ATMs. Successful in assisting manned guarding.

GPS monitoring

Extremely reliable GPS / GPRS tracking communicators.
Monitoring of numerous parameters, including speed, route, stopping, panic button. Electronic card with information about speed, downtime and other indicators.

Other services

Bank cash-in-transit

Secure care for the transportation of your money, valuables and goods.
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Property management

Maintenance of buildings, building installations and systems.
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